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Fic: "Curiosity"

Title: “Curiosity”
Author: latin_cat
Rating: 18 (NC-17)
Pairings: Pullings/Marshall (Unrequited)
Summary: Tom Pullings, Master’s mate of the Sophie, wonders about William Marshall. Set just pre-Aubreyad.

WARNINGS: Rating for underage pairing, if you class a 17 year old as underage. (I do not, as the age of consent in the UK is 16, but I know there may be some that do.)

Author’s Notes: I don’t know where this came from, as I’ve never done slightly angsty teen before; but it turned up in my head a few months ago and I, perhaps unwisely, decided to write it. I am none too sure of Pullings’ exact age, but I’ve always imagined him at seventeen or eighteen in M&C, simply to be old enough to have passed for lieutenant already.

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Tags: fic, nc-17, one-shot, tom
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